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TOTM's Easter Radio Hunt!

Happy Easter everybody! Since its easter we decided to hire the easter bunny to leave easter eggs in our radio series! Make sure to listen again to your favorite Theatre of the Mind Series to find the easter eggs! Now we understand you can't see the easter eggs so the easter bunny has given us the list of clues where they are. Answer at least 6 of the clues to earn a Theatre of the Mind T-shirt! The first 5 people to answer at least 6 clues will win. Deadline is Friday, April 26 at 5:pm. Better hop on it!

The Easter Clues

-What was the name of the monster Roy had to fight in the Slave Gladiator arena? (The Roy Chronicles)

-What is the name of Eureka's lover? (Story of Eureka)

-Where did the crew of the Disgraceful North steal the second clue (sword)? 

(The Disgraceful North)

-What is the name of Kyra's Brother? (Drifting Beyond Season 1)

-What was Hades gift to Persephone? (Voices of Separation)

-What is the animal that was new to Lotte? (Suit of Cards)

-What is the crew of the Disgraceful North searching for (end goal)? 

(The Disgraceful North)

-What clue leads Eureka to Hephaestus? (Story of Eureka)

-Where is the bar located that Ulysses and Kyra find Fink after their Mr. Big Fish encounter? (Drifting Beyond Season 1)

- What is the name of Augustus's wife and business partner? (Suite of Cards)

-What is the name of the mad scientist Roy accidentally runs into? (The Roy Chronicles)

-Which greek god did Hades seek the help of? (Voice of Separation)

To submit your answers click here

Also with every entry you must tell us which radio series of Theatre of the Mind you like the most.

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The Untold Odysseys's: Voices of Separation Summary

Long distance is never easy especially for two Gods who have been together for centuries. Luckily modern technology closes the distance, but two busy God’s don’t always have time for phone calls. Listen to the voicemails of the famous Persephone and Hades. Will love prevail the distance?


Airing Schedule


(Voice of Separation = VoS)

Mondays (12pm, 3pm and 5pm)

April 1 - VoS episode 1 airing

Apr 1- VoS episode 2 airing

April 8 - VoS episode 4 airing
Apr 8 - VoS episode 5 airing

April 15 - VoS episode 7 airing
Apr 15 - VoS episode 8 airing

April 22- VoS episode 10 airing
Apr 22- VoS episode 11 airing

April 29- VoS episode 13 airing
April 29- VoS episode 14 airing

(Voice of Separation = VoS)

Thursdays (12pm, 3pm and 5pm)

April 4- VoS episode 3 airing

April 11 - VoS episode 6 airing

April 18 - VoS episode 9 airing

April 25- VoS episode 12 airing


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Hidden World


Black Water


Check out our previous Radio Shows

Suit of Cards

A "The Untold Odyssey" Show

A radio drama told through letters, exploring the relationship of two siblings, and how they changed, through time and distance spanning years and countries.

The Disgraceful North

A "The Untold Odyssey" Show

A band of misfit pirates stumble on a piece of a map that holds the key to their freedom and a land they can call their own.

The Story of Eureka

A "The Untold Odyssey" Show

A murder takes place back in ancient Greece when Zeus and the other gods are still believed in. Eureka will go any length to figure out how her lover and friend with only a prophecy from the Oracle. "Go forth to she who resides in two worlds, with companion traveled, bargain with the ruler of the dead, a loss to great to bare, a great battle to witness, only then will lovers be reunited again."

The Roy Chronicles

Written by Billy Deardoff

Roy, a space wanderer, stumbles through the universe onto a big secret. Roy, being a trouble making, accident prone, and a strong day-time drinker, decides to ignore it, but it won't ignore Roy

Drifting Beyond

Written by Jacob Lawson, Nick Angelos, and Christopher Miller

In the outer limits of our world exists much more than humanity could have every dreamed.


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